About us

Our vision is to become the natural link between entrepreneurs and the established funding sources available. We inject initial and growth funding combined with advise to enhance growth and profitability with a special focus on companies and projects with potential to bring significant impact on environment and human quality of life.

ECTT will act as strategic advisor and commercializer of state-of-the-art technologies, projects and companies. This will include initial and follow up funding as well as project management and board positions. We are an active owner and advisor aiming to see our investments grow in value together with the founders and entrepreneurs.


Hans Svensson
Chairman and CEO

Anna Wargloo
ice President

Gustaf Svensson
Project Manager


HODO Capital
Beijing , China

Emerge Capital Group
Beijing China

advisory board

Mr Jan – Erik Dantoft, Sweden

Mr Bo Hedenström, Sweden

Mr Andrew Chen, China

Mr Huang Yonghe, Beijing

Mr Xie Wenze, China

Mr Lennart Söderberg, Sweden

Mr Rodolf Sillen, Sweden

project areas

M&A search mandates

Financial structuring

Pre development funding

Development Funding

Funding and bank financing

Technology search mandates

Trading Mandates