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China is looking for technology investments including production and future export opportunities. European companies have a large portfolio of technologies and inventions ready for financing, market entry and growth.

The vision is to become the natural link between European technology and Chinese investors by commercializing on the power of the Chinese market and new technologies for the future benefit of owners, partners and other connected parties.

The overall business idea is that Euro China Technology Transfer will act as a commercializer of state of the art technologies and inventions by bringing them to the Chinese market for growth and profitability.

China update – December 2019

Strong sights of a rebound in the Chinese economy

After several months of economic slowdown, China's economy is now showing strong signs of a rebound. Industrial profits scored the highest rising pace in 8 months during November. The main reason behind the upturn in company profits is higher production and sales, but also rising prices. Profits in the major Chinese industries raised 5,4% during November on a year to year basis. After three months of decline, the joint profits for these companies reached US 85 billion in November, but accumulated 11 months profits are still 2,1% down.

Enhanced conditions for foreign investors

Last Friday, December 27, the Supreme Chinese Court released a new judicial document. The Top Court lays down rules to protect foreign investors and instruct courts across the country to support investment contracts that do not involve the Negative List contained in Chinas Foreign Investment Law. The new instructions are relevant because 70% of foreign investment disputes are related to “contract matters”. The new guidelines state that in contract-related lawsuits unless the investment sector is explicitly prohibited, courts will support foreign investors even if the other side argues that the contract was not approved or registered.

The rule enters into force January 1, 2020, and applies to all contracts arising from direct or indirect investments by foreign individuals, enterprises or other organizations in China including contracts on the establishment of foreign-invested companies, new projects or the transfer of shares, properties or stock-shares.
Mr. Wei Jianguo, Vice Chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges said the new instructions is a “notable step for China “ and added “ most foreign investments will no longer need approval from local authorities and this can help fight monopolies and other forms of unfair competition in the domestic market.
In a statement, the Top Court said its new rules will guide the proper implementation of the Foreign Investment Law nationwide and offers equal protection for domestic and foreign investors. Further, the deputy head of the No 4 Civil division of the Supreme Peoples Court said in a statement “ the new interpretation could be seen as a crucial move to help the country attract more foreign investors”.

Strong guidelines for Chinese officials delivered by Xi Jinping during the two-day Political Bureau meeting Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee ( CPC) urged party officials to be responsible, remain true to the CPC's founding mission and increase their efforts to improve governance. He said the fundamental reason the CPC has made remarkable achievements that have captured the world's attention is the fact that the party has always kept in mind seeking a better life for the Chinese people. The world is changing at a rate not seen in a century and the situation is complex. This calls for an urgent need for greater efforts to strengthen the country's institutional-building and government capacity.

Xi said CPC officials play an important role in bringing out institutional advantages and transforming them into effective governance by safeguarding the authority of the CPC Central Committee and implementing major decisions of the central government. The President also underlined the importance of CPC Political Bureau members being clean, honest and self-disciplined, and he urged them to prevent corruption by family members, friends or colleagues.
Sources: official Chinese publications


Strong order intake early 2020

ECTT have been appointed financial and strategic advisor to a 30 MW Solar Project in Mongolia. The Solar farm Company has all licenses and permits as well as environmental reports in place and the construction works will start as soon as funding is in place.

ECTT have been appointed as advisor by a Mongolian Mining company to structure commercial sales and secure payment routines. The Mandate also inkludes to arrange funding of investments to enhance mining production and reach a higher refinement grade and price level of the mines rare earth mineral assets.

Is Europe the key for Chinas turbine export

China has been looking to export wind power for almost ten years and one of the biggest challenges is that there is no track record of Chinese manufacturers in the same way that we can expect from their international competitors. How can China solve this problem...

"read more"

ECTT has been appointed advisor in the funding and EPC analysis process to a Indian 50 MW solar farm Project. In December ECTT initiated and advised in the negotiations leading to a signed MoU with a leading EPC construction group in China. The project is a co-project with ECTT US co-operation partners and investors.

ECTT have been appointed advisor to arrange funding and EPC to a Asian Toll High Way project including a first Phase of 14 km elevated high way. The exclusive Mandate includes analyse and bench mark as well as procurement process of EPC contracor and operator in this BOT project covering 5 + 25 year.

ECTT signs frame work agreement for South America

ECTT has signed a 4,4 billion usd project finance frame agreement with ICBC. The projects are within the green energy sector and are all in South America.

The first phase is seven projects in both hydro power and wind power and financial close is expected in 2017.

Statkraft drops offshore, focuses on land based wind

Statkraft has signed an agreement under which a consortium led by China Resources (Holdings) Company Ltd acquires Statkraft’s shareholding in Dudgeon for £555 million.

With this agreement Statkraft will now focus on other renewables like hydropower, onshore wind, solar, district heating and other new renewable energy technologies.

ECTT arranges the funding of a 250 MW wind farm in Mongolia

The flat landscape and the strong winds makes Mongolia ideal for big wind farm projects. Since 2012 ECTT has been involved in arranging financing and equity for the largest wind farm in Mongolia. The project will be in two phases, the first one, 102 MW, will generate over 400 GWh of electricity for the state grid. Full construction is scheduled to start early 2018.

New HQ in Stockholm

Since the start of the new year ECTTs head office is now located in Stockholm. After six years in the southern part of Sweden it was time for our projects and people to move to Stockholm, the Capital of Scandinavia, and the beautiful northern part of Djurgården.

New adress:

Labradorgatan 16, 115 48

Stockholm, Sweden

Wind Power reaches 539GW

All wind turbines installed by end of 2017 can cover more than 5% of the global electricity demand. For many countries, wind power has become a pillar in their strategies to phase out fossil and nuclear energy.

In 2017, Denmark set a new world record with 43% of its power coming from wind. An increasing number of countries have reached... link

Senior Management

Hans Svensson - CEO - Founder

Gustaf Svensson - Controller/Project Manager - Co-Founder


HODO Capital - Beijing , China

Emerge Capital Group - Beijing China

Advisory Board

Mr Lennart Söderberg - Sweden - Former Head of Handelsbanken Capital Markets, CEO of Handelsbanken Liv and several management positions in Handelsbanken

Mr Jan-Erik Dantoft - Sweden - Former Chief Technical Officer at Haldex and Vice President Sandvik Materials Technologies

Mr Bo Hedenström - Sweden - Senior advisor

Mr Andrew Chen - Beijing China

Mr Huang Yonghe - Chief Researcher, China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) - Tianjin, China

Mr Xie Wenze - Senior Consultant to China Central Government for Latin Americas - Beijing China

Rudolf V. Sillén -  Pioneer in practical uses of AI. Foundry Engineer, metallurgist and entrepreneur.

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